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Tikkun Olam: Social Action
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Tikkun Olam...

Speaking out against big banks and corporations that invest in fossil fuels which, in turn, impacts our climate.

Tikkun Olamrepairing the world. These words are embedded in centuries of Jewish tradition. In one version of creation, God put light into glass vessels which then broke into innumerable shards resulting in a cosmic shattering. And so the work of "Tikkun Olam" began—repairing that original cosmic shattering by practicing the mitzvah of addressing social injustices.


But how do we, living with all the injustices that need to be addressed in the 21st century, know which to act upon, or how to proceed?


B’nai Or’s Tikkun Olam Committee has cooked for Boston's Saturday/Sunday Kitchen (closed in 2015), marched in Boston’s Annual Gay Rights parade, rallied against gun violence, and attended legislative sessions to voice concerns regarding climate change. Most recently, community members rallied at the Boston branch of Chase Bank protesting the bank’s practice of investing in fossil fuels. The Tikkun Olam committee has also focused on building relationships between Muslims and Jews by attending events with members of the Islamic Society, and raising funds for schools in Israel that teach both Arab and Jewish children.

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