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B’nai Or of Boston is a welcoming, egalitarian Jewish Renewal Community, embracing a wide diversity of lifestyles and family configurations. Our engaging and joyful prayer services include music and singing, meditation and movement, spiritual exploration, and learning.  Our connections to one another are strengthened through these activities as well as by participating in life cycle events and offering mutual support during times of need. Our values, based on Jewish tradition ground us, while our Renewal orientation invites us to make that tradition alive and relevant to our lives in the modern world.  As part of the Jewish tradition, we seek to help heal the world around us by engaging in social justice work in the wider community.

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As a prayer group, we seek a relationship with G-d through song, movement, meditation, and chant.

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As a welcoming everyone, heart-centered community, we are connected through music, prayer, life cycle events, and our neighborhood tribes.

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As a learning community, we come together for study and intellectual challenges.

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As a Tikkun Olam compassionate community, we reach out to those in need within and outside of our community through acts of loving-kindness.


Covid Guidelines: B'nai Or of Boston In-person Services

  • We expect that everyone is vaccinated, even if not caught up with the newest booster.

  • Please do a Covid test before coming to any in-person service.

  • Masking is required for indoor services except for the Rabbi and those presenting.

  • Do not come if you are feeling ill. Do not rationalize that “it’s just a cold”.

  • If you become ill within 10 days after attending a service/event in person, let the B'nai Or Executive Director know.


ALEPH Jewish Renewal Site and link to all Jewish renewal communities. B'nai Or of Boston is an ALEPH-affiliated community.


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