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                     ~Deb Barsel

Meet Our Steering Committee

B'nai Or's Steering Committee is comprised of members with a wide variety of talents and interests. Together, this group works to support the B'nai Or community by developing goals and policies consistent with Jewish renewal in the Boston area and by holding our unique vision as we consider our future. 

Steering Committee Email Address (use to communicate collectively with the Steering Committee):

What B'nai Or means to us...


Bnai Or is a community

where I can express myself

and prayers in deep

meaningful ways.  Whether

through deep chant, liturgy

put to moving music or

song with great harmonies,

movement or dance when

my body yearns to express

itself, meditation, and even

yoga, I can go deep to a

place of connection.  A member for over 30 years, the community has become a second family. 


~Susan Raskin Abrams

Guest Rabbi Committee

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ALEPH Liaison

Annual Community Retreat
Community Connections
Future of B’nai Or Planning Committee

JP Pond Debbie Block.jpg

Bnai Or is my spiritual

home and my beloved

community. The spirit of

our praying together

touches me deeply

as do the many ways we

each show up for each

other —in good times as

well as in troubled times.

The embodied davening

that we experience and the multiple paths toward deeper Jewish learning are gifts Bnai Or regularly offers me. 


~Deborah Block


Future of B’nai Or Planning Committee

Cynthia Kagno ID pic.jpg

B’nai Or is a community of

caring people. We pray

together and play together.               


                   ~ Cynthia Kagno



Adult Education

Holidays Coordinator

Yahrzeit Listing

Teresa pic.jpg

Newly engaged, I moved to

Boston in 1993. New to both

New England -- and Judaism

-- the B'nai Or community

welcomed me and, before

long became my supportive,

caring "family", celebrating

with me many life-cycle

events: births, deaths, bar

and bat mitzvahs, as well as

supporting me in times of

sadness, death, and illness. 29 years later, I still think of the B'nai Or community, and the friendships I've made through the years, as family. 

~ Teresa Lessin

Executive Director

Annual Community Retreat

First Parish Waltham Contact
Membership Directory

Renee recent photo.jpg

B’nai Or has been my

community since 2001. I love

the family we’ve made where

we daven together with song

and dance. I love that we

value being in community

beyond davening—that people

participate and understand

that to have community, we

have to be community. I love

that we enjoy learning

together. I love that we’re present for each other in time of need, celebration, and just socializing.  I love that we gather together to take action in the larger community.


~Renee Shapiro


Future of B’nai Or Planning Committee
Tikkun Olam Liaison


Community and connection

are precious to me. During the

opening chant at my first Bnai

Or Shabbat service years ago

I knew I had found a spiritual

home with this deep, soulful,

and supportive community.

I felt it in my  kishkes (as my

Momila Eunice would say).

“When I call on the light of my

soul, I come home”- at Bnai

Or, chanting is one way we call and awaken this light into consciousness. Come celebrate with us as we open to the Seasons of our Joy.

~ Ken Caldwell

SC Member

Website.Mark Jurman.Headshot.jpg

Looking for a spiritual

community, following 17

years as a practicing Buddhist,

I landed at B’nai Or, where I

found a welcoming,

progressive, joyful,

meditative, community.

For over 30 years I’ve found

connection and a spiritual


~ Mark Jurman

SC Member

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