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Meet Our Staff

Reb Ariel is a Rising Rabbi with the Aleph Ordination Program. She is grateful to be in the lineage of Reb Zalman Shachter-Shalomi, z'l, and is continually striving for the spiritual attunement that he wrote about so beautifully. Before returning to the States in 2020, Ariel lived in Jerusalem for seven years on what could be called a soul quest and wrote for the Jerusalem Post. In Israel, Ariel attended her first multi-day meditation retreat with Or HaLev (, where she was introduced to the practices of meditation and chant that have become central to her offerings as a spiritual leader.


Ariel believes that spiritual leadership comes from an overflow of personal practice, so she offers the tools that help her return to an expanded state of consciousness or mochin degadlut. She relishes communal spaces infused with musical and embodied prayer and believes that holiness is truly about "whole-y-ness." As a lesbian, Ariel is particularly interested in the "white fire" of the Torah's sacred mythology- the spaces between the letters. Central to Ariel's spiritual calling is the invitation to ascend Jacob's ladder, to play in the Mystery, to wax and wane with the moon, and to embrace the Tree of Life. Ariel's debut album, Prayers for Fire & Water, will be released on Tu B'Av in August 2023.


In her free time, Ariel enjoys singing around the bonfire and hosting dream circles to connect with the profound teachings and mystery of the dream world.

Teresa Lessin, Executive Director

Teresa has served B'nai Or of Boston as Executive Director for more than 15 years but has worn other "hats" during the 25+ years she has been a member of this community, including Children's Service Leader & Educator, Steering Committee member, and Family Education Program Board member. Teresa has a BS in Business Management from West Virginia State University and a M.Ed. from Lesley University.

Teresa lives in Waltham with her dog, Millie. She is the mother of four adult children (three sons, and one daughter) and the grandmother of three. Her interests include traveling, reading, and gardening.

Ariel Hendelman, Spiritual Leader

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Suri Krieger, Rabbi Emeritis

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