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Chesed/Mutual Support - Taking Care of One Another

The Chesed Circle –Bikkur Cholim

(visiting and aiding the sick, and providing family support)

The purpose of the Chesed Circle is to reach out with acts of loving kindness and to give support for healing at times of medical or emotional difficulty. The circle includes all members of the B’nai Or community. Given the nature of life, at various times any member may be a recipient or provider of chesed.

In practical terms, the types of help include:

  • Visits and companionship either at home or while in the hospital

  • Offering support by email, phone, or sending cards

  • Transportation to medical appointments

  • Transportation to services

  • Shopping for food or bringing meals into homes 

  • Forming healing circles

  • Networking to find physicians and medical information

The Chesed Circle has a team of coordinators who should be contacted when a need arises. These individuals will help you by discussing what you would prefer in terms of assistance and doing outreach to your tribe or the entire community.


Chesed Liaison Team

Phyllis Sandell

Judith Bloom

Allan Beth

Members of the Chesed Liaison Team can be reached by emailing

Bereavement – Supporting One Another in Time of Grief


B'nai Or's Bereavement Coordinator, Deb Goldman, is available to consult with community members

regarding funeral arrangements and shiva gatherings. Once the family and bereavement coordinator have

determined what is desired, the community is notified.


Deb Goldman can be reached by emailing her at



Deb Goldman.jpg

Deborah Goldman

Interfaith Minister and Chaplain

B'nai Or Bereavement Coordinator

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the process of a trusted spiritual advisor accompanying a person through a challenging situation resulting from illness pain, life changes (including end of life), or even joy. These situations are often sudden and require immediate attention. R. Suri has been providing pastoral care to community members.

To contact Rabbi Suri regarding Pastoral Care, email her at

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