Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship Program

Announcing the Spring-Summer 2014 Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship Award Recipients

Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is created in loving memory of Jordan Washor Liebhaber
May 22, 1986 - March 29, 2013

The intention of this scholarship fund is to carry forward Jordan’s clear values and good works to help make the world a better, more caring place for our elders.

Jordan initially began his service work as a young teenager by volunteering with his dad as a hospice visitor at the Tippett Home in Needham, MA. After graduating from U of Miami he returned to his interest in helping elders as a patient and family advocate in nursing homes, quickly expanding his dedication by volunteering frequently in the Greater Boston Jewish Community at charity events. Jordan treasured his job as the Assistant Administrator at the Chelsea Jewish Home Assisted Living Residence. Jordan was committed to his family and loyal to his friends. He had many passions including music events, NE sports teams, cooking and enjoying good food, and staying fit. Jordan had an intuitive sense for what was important and manifested it in his humble, gentle and caring way. He was a joy and light to all who knew him.

Facts About the Scholarship Fund:
• The scholarship fund is for young adults wanting to do community service work projects, particularly those benefiting seniors. Financial support is for enrollment, materials and / or stipend; $1800 will be awarded annually, with the possibility of awarding multiple applicants. Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis.
• The fundraising goal is $18,000. By raising this amount we anticipate being able to fund scholarships for deserving applicants for 10 years.
• The scholarship fund is supported by many communities and administered by B’nai Or of Boston.

The board of the Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship Fund (JLSF) are proud to present the recipients of the second round of awards in this initial year of the fund. Five worthy young adults, committed to serving elders, are featured in the attached Announcement. Their use of the funds includes leadership training tuition, professional conference attendance, internship fees, and expenses for a pen pal project. In this first year of the JLSF, there have been a total of 10 awards, totaling $5,000 in disbursements. This has been made possible by the combined donations of over 200 generous contributors like you. The fund will continue to make awards in Jordan’s name for the full ten years of its planned duration.

We invite you to send the notice of the JLSF scholarship opportunity to potential candidates (between 18 & 30 years old, with proposal related to serving seniors). Here is the link for the Application for the Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship.

When choosing among charities, please consider making an additional (tax deductible) donation to further extend Jordan’s reach.

We are all honoring and staying connected to Jordan by celebrating these young, committed, talented individuals.

Peace, love and wellness,
The JLSF Board
(Gail, Teresa, Shoshana, Andrew and Ruven)


Donations over $200 are tax deductible.

To make a donation by CHECK, please complete the DONATION FORM, and mail it along with your CHECK to:

Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship Fund
c/o B'nai Or of Boston
P.O. Box 400715
Cambridge, MA 02140

Donations can also be made to the JL Scholarship Fund by credit card via PayPal.

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